10 Tips To Cut Calories

//10 Tips To Cut Calories

10 Tips To Cut Calories


It is the beginning of a new year and everyone wants to jump on the weight loss bandwagon.  We are anxious to shed extra holiday pounds.  And we are ready for a fresh start.  But how are we going to do it?

There are numerous remedies to help us lose weight.  We can go out and buy the newest weight loss books, sign up for a quick fix weight loss programs, cut out sugar, eat low fat/low carb diets, and the list goes on.  We struggle to find a solution.  Personally, I like the idea of making small changes over time to make long lasting habits.

The following are 10 tips to support your resolutions or goals to lose weight from a small change perspective.  These tips will help you cut calories.
1.      Control triggers. For some people certain foods trigger overeating.  Identify them and find ways to avoid them.  You can do this by finding satisfying substitutes that are non-trigger foods.  Or I think sometimes we need to put a certain food off limits if we can’t seem to control it right now.  It doesn’t necessarily mean forever, but it does mean not right now.

2.      Discover simple substitutions.  For example, switch from a ½ cup of dried fruit to a cup of fresh berries, or from a 6 ounce glass of orange juice to a half grapefruit or cantaloupe.

3.      Make wise choices.  Choose olive oil based dressings over creamy types.  Choose mustard over mayonnaise to put on a sandwich.  And choose grilled fish or chicken over fried options.

4.      Don’t eat anything out of a bag or container.  Place your food on a plate or in a bowl so you know precisely how much you are eating.   It is also more appetizing to eat your food on a nice plate rather than out of a cardboard box or out of a bag.  You will discover more pleasure when you eat this way.

5.      Follow the “rule of one.”  Have only one helping of each food group.  Your only exception to this is vegetables!  Go green!!!

6.      Stay away from anything that says “double” or “triple” at fast food places.  Also stay clear of meals that say jumbo, mega, super size or biggie.  The language says it all, doesn’t it?!

7.      To minimize overeating, try serving your main dish over a salad.  For example you could put grilled salmon a small scoop of quinoa or brown rice over a lettuce salad.  Another thought is to serve your main dish on a bread plate versus a dinner plate.  This will keep your portions in check.

8.      Try spicing your coffee or tea with cinnamon.  Cinnamon will help stabilize blood sugar and is a good source of vitamin K and iron.  Plus it has a lot fewer calories than fancy coffee drinks.

9.      Do not keep sugary drinks in the house.  Liquid calories are so easy to over consume and they can trick us.  We tend to forget about these and not count them as food, and yet their calorie counts add up.

10.    Eat more whole fruits.  They contain fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  Whole fruits taste good and can satisfy the desire to have something sweet.  Of course eat your veggies as well!

My last little bit of advice is to take a look in your home right now.  Do you have any lingering rich holiday foods?  Are there cookies sitting on your counter you are having trouble leaving alone?  My suggestion is to either put them in the freezer of throw them out.  Remove the temptation. I did this on Tuesday after New Year’s Day.  I threw out the remaining slices of sweet bread, old Christmas cookies, and chocolates.  It was time.

I have given you a list of 10 ideas to help you make small changes in cutting calories.  My suggestion is take a look at the 10 tips and pick one you’d like to put into practice.  Don’t try to do them all at once.  When we try to make too many changes at once it becomes overwhelming.  Set yourself up for success by starting with one, and when you are ready add another.  Think small changes now for big winning moments later 🙂

2018 is going to be great!
Beth Dean  CPT, CES, pn1