4 Steps to Making Permanent Lifestyle Changes: Part 1

//4 Steps to Making Permanent Lifestyle Changes: Part 1

4 Steps to Making Permanent Lifestyle Changes: Part 1

So here we are on day one of the New Year.  If you are not recovering from last night’s festivities, I’m sure one of the things on your mind is goals for the New Year.

Being in the fitness industry for 24 years, I know that getting in shape and losing weight are at the top of the list for many people.

Those are noble goals to have, but too often people just throw them out there and don’t really think about developing a solid strategy to not only hit the goal but overcome obstacles.

For example the goal is to lose weight. That is the desired outcome but to get the desired outcome we need to consistently focus on the behaviors that lead to the outcome.

New behaviors means the word CHANGE and that is not easy for most people.

It is truly an art to change.

So for part one of this series I am going to focus on essential components of change.

Today we will cover the first four.

#1-You have to have a way to measure what you want to improve.

I’ve said it unitl I am blue in the face but “getting in shape” or “toning up”  are not really well defined goals. What does that mean to you?  Does it mean being able to run a 5K or fitting into an old pair of jeans you haven’t worn in years? There is a saying “what gets measured gets done.”   There is no way to objectively measure progress unless there is a system in place to accurately track your progress. Without that you are just spinning your wheels on a one way road to failure.

#2-Do something every day to work towards your goal.

If something is important, do it every day. If not don’t do it at all. This doesn’t have to be a killer workout or eating only chicken breasts and broccoli.  It could be something simple like packing a healthy lunch or going for a walk at lunch instead of sitting at your desk surfing Facebook.  The Slight Edge is one of my favorite books.  I love that it talks about making consistent steps in the right direction versus all or nothing which is one day doing nothing and then trying to compensate for it the next day by starving yourself or working out an extra hour. This never works and is not sustainable.

#3-Make it easy at first

Too often we want to change everything. Cleaning up our diet by cutting out all sugar, gluten, dairy and processed foods and on top of that making it to the gym 7 out of 7 days when we have been sitting on our ass for 4 months will not work.  In fact, studies show a 100% failure rate when people try to change more than one habit at a time.  Most people have very slim margins for time and focus and if you overwhelm them with too much change they will burn out quick.  The best way to affect change is to start with easy habits to change to give yourself a win.  Work on this for 3-4 weeks before adding another one.  I know our ego wants to tell us we can do more and should be doing more but I present the question “how has that worked in the past?”  Why keep doing the same old thing that has failed over and over again?  When I was a football coach if we ran a play and it didn’t work the first few times, then we ran another play.

#4-Take pictures or use visual aids

We are very visual people and there is lots or research that backs up the power of visualization.  It even says in the Bible “without vision my people perish.”  So taking before and after pics is important as is having a picture that motivates you. Maybe it’s an old picture of yourself when you were in peak shape or someone whose physique you admire.  It could also be a picture of your kids if your reason for getting healthy is for them. Whatever the case, we all need visual reminders, especially in an age where there are so many distractions to get us off course.

There you go – my first four big things needed for change. Next week I will give you the other 4, but for now look to incorporate them into your goal setting this year.

If you need help, we are always here for you when it comes to setting goals and putting together a solid action plan for your health and fitness in 2018. You can give me a call at 952-220-2448 if you want to learn more about our training, coaching and nutrition programs to help you look and feel your best in 2018.

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Dedicated to your results in 2018!

Erik Peacock
Puravida Fitness