My friend has a very successful flooring business.

He truly cares about ALL his customers and goes the extra mile to make sure he serves them at a high level.

Last year his company did a phenomenal job putting in our new hardwood floors.  We really love them!

A few months back I was talking with him about business out in the parking lot while his son was training with one of our trainers.


His business was killing it but he was not.

You could almost feel his heart racing as he told me all the stuff he currently had on his plate.

He was constantly racing between job sites and youth sports activities.

I could tell he was fried.

I asked him to describe his “perfect day” to me.

It involved some work, golf, exercise and plenty of family time.  It looked nothing like the current day he was describing.

Can you relate?  I can.

I used to be just like my friend.  It was affecting my marriage, family, and health.

  • Trying to do everything myself.
  • Not spending enough quality time with my family because “I had to run my business.”
  • All work no play.
  • Sleepless nights wondering how I would get everything done.

This left me feeling wiped out and overwhelmed almost daily, not to mention the large amounts of caffeine it required to keep me going.

I could see my friend in the same place I once was.


From this conversation a powerful idea emerged.

I could help him.

Not just to get in better physical shape but to reclaim his life back.

You see, I have a great coach who has helped me create habits and systems that gave me a much more balanced and fulfilling life – all while continuing to grow my business.

This was an opportunity for me to pay it forward.

That was when FIT Ministries was born.  This is my new coaching program for guys like my friend and I.  Guys who are trying to juggle many things but feel like they are dropping the ball in critical areas of their life.

This program focuses on developing the mind, body, and spirit to make you effective in ALL areas of your life.

I will teach you the EXACT strategies I learned and implemented to restore balance to my life.

The same habits that have improved…

  • My faith
  • My marriage
  • My family
  • My fitness
  • My business
  • My friendships


I’m still in the BETA phase testing this program.  But am happy to say my friend is in a better place and has made some MAJOR changes which have already proved to benefit he and his family tremendously.

Right now I am looking for 2 more BETA candidates like my friend as I fine tune this program and work out the bugs.  I’m offering it at 50% off for the first two people who apply to this program.

Reply to this email or text/call me directly on my cell at 952-220-2448 to get the details on the program.  From there we can see if it is a good fit for you and lock in one of the 2 spots.

Dedicated to improving your quality of life,

Erik Peacock
Puravida Fitness