This Is Better Than Setting Goals

//This Is Better Than Setting Goals

This Is Better Than Setting Goals

So here I am at 45 years of age and looking at what might be the mid point of my life. As I reflect back on my first half, there were a lot of good times and great accomplishments as well as some things I wish I could go back and redo.

Even though I have some things I wish I could go back and do over, I don’t live in the past and wallow in it. Let’s face it – we all have done things we are not proud of.

Hopefully, as we age we also mature.  This is not always the case.  I have met some very mature 2 year olds and some adoloscent 50 year olds.

In any case, I feel like I am at “half time” in my life.

My first half was about success and accomplishments – things like bodybuilding, football, and building a great business.  But I want my second half to be about significance.

What is the difference?

Success is about impressing others but significance is about serving others and making a difference.

I’ve always been a goal setter but the other night I came across something better than setting goals.

Better than goals?

What could that be?


Instead of setting goals I am going to commit to things meaning I am all in. Goals are things we might want to do, but are not necessarily commitments. Commitments mean you are “all in.”

I like that better.

So here are some of  my commitments for 2018.

Goal: I want to be at 8% body fat with the 5-4-3 strength maxes (500 deadlift, 400 squat, 300 bench).
Commitment: I will lead by example by pushing myself to a new level and being in the best shape I can be in to be a role model to my clients and trainers.

Goal:  I want to grow to at the next level spiritually.
Commitment: I will put God #1 in every area of my life. I will start and finish my day with His word and put my faith into action daily by serving others.

Goal: I want a stonger marriage.
Commitment: I am committed to making my marriage the next most important relationship in my life and will put my wife’s needs in front of my own. I will reguarly make time to have real conversations, prayer time and do work around the house to keep her feeling loved and appreciated.

Remember when I said “commitment vs. interest?”   Committed means you will do what needs to be done even if you don’t feel like it. Interest is you will only take action when it is convenient or easy.

I don’t know about you, but I am committed to be better in every area of my life in 2018.

Too often every year starts to look like Groundhog Day with the same old cycles which are comfortable and familiar, but not 100% fulfilling.

It’s like being a bungee jumper standing over the edge:  you can either jump where it is scary but exciting at the same time or walk back down from the ledge and play it safe.

Life is too short so JUMP!!

This is your year so seize it!!

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