I live in Minnesota.  If you live in Minnesota you engage in winter sports.

Skiing is one of the sports I enjoy. Buck Hill sits across the highway from my personal training gym in Lakeville, but nothing compares to skiing the Rockies in Colorado.

I’ve been fortunate to ski out west in the mountains on several occasions.

One of my favorite things to do out west is take on mogul hills.  There they have REAL mogul hills, not the little “speed bumps” like they have here. Some of moguls are so steep it looks like a car has been buried under the snow.

One ski run in particular in Vail, Colorado was called “High Line.”  This hill was a mile long and jam packed with the biggest moguls I had ever seen. We were skiing with a local friend and when we got off the lift he skied up to it.

My only way down was to follow him.

Looking down the ENTIRE hill was daunting and intimidating.  It could paralyze you in fear.  I knew I had to get down, so I took it section by section, drawing out a path through the moguls in each little part I skied.

Amazingly, I did it. In no time I had made it down the big scary mogul hill.

What’s my point here?


Big goals are like mogul hills.  They can appear impossible and overwhelming.

Unless…you break them down into smaller parts that you can achieve.

Focus on doing consistent actions day by day, week by week and month after month will get you to the goal.

So what big fitness goals do you have in 2020?

  • Weight loss?
  • Running a race or an athletic event?
  • Rehabbing an injury?

It might seem like you are looking down a “big mogul hill.”  You may be wondering how you’ll ever achieve your own goals.

Let us help you.

We’ll take that ‘mogul hill’ and break it into smaller sections so you can conquer your fitness goals in 2020.


You can do it and we can help.  Just reply to this email to set up a complimentary consultation. Here we will find out where you want to go in 2020 and determine the best path to get there.  Our best customized plans are the 12 WEEK TRANSFORMATION (in-house program) and our TRANSFORM IN TWELVE (online training program). Either one will help you get started out on the right path.

Dedicated to helping you tackle your “fitness moguls” in 2020!

Erik Peacock