May 2019

Who By Worrying Can Add A Single Hour to Your Life


One of my favorite passages in the Bible is Luke 12:25 where Jesus says "Who by worrying can add a single thing to your life?" This past week I have dealt with some of my own worrying and have seen it in many of the people in my life. When I read this passage it [...]

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Embrace the SUCK


Why is it that our society teaches to put our own comfort as success? Think about it.  We spend a majority of our lives saving for our retirement so we can be "comfortable" when we retire. However, maybe the "holy grail" of comfort isn't so comfortable after all.  A May 2013 report showed that retirees [...]

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April 2019

How Turkey Hunting Is Like Hitting Goals


Sometimes when an e-mail I write gets a great response, I recycle it. I guess I'm trying to be "green." I wrote this one a few years back and whether you are a hunter or not, this little story is a good symbol of going off a goal. So I'm sending this out again since I was [...]

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Turn Distractions Into Success


Never in history have we lived with more distractions. We are bombarded daily. So we have to work extra hard to stay focused on what truly matters. Honestly, distractions in my opinion are one of the biggest things that keep us from moving forward. One minute we start to work on our goals and the [...]

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Exercise For Fat Loss and Toning: My Top 3 Tips


At our personal training gym in Lakeville, we always say nutrition is 70-80% of your results. But exercise is also important.  Exercise develops those muscles you want to see as well as helps to create a calorie deficit needed for fat loss.  Exercise also stimulates hormones in your body that help you lose fat. The [...]

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Eating For Fat Loss: My Top 3 Tips


Two of the things we preach at our personal training gym in Lakeville are “abs are made in the kitchen” and “you cannot outwork a bad diet.” Go to any commercial gym and you will see people who come in day after day after day but never seem to change physically. Why is that? Because [...]

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Drastic Problems Need Drastic Action


Let's face it - the blizzard here in Minnesota caused a big problem. It messed up the roads and people's schedules pretty bad. If you live here, how did you deal with it? Did you throw your hands up and go into hibernation mode dropping everything? A lot of people did. They allowed the weather [...]

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Faith Not Fear


One of the biggest things I see holding people back is FEAR. Fear of failure. Fear of the unknown. Fear of being uncomfortable Fear of change. Fear of looking stupid. It's no wonder we have fear when we look at the media and all the "crisis" situations and negative news out there. Have you heard [...]

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I Don’t Feel Like It


Warning: I am going on a bit of a rant right now. Sometimes you just gotta say what needs to be said. There is quite an epidemic sweeping our nation right now. It's called "I-don't-feel-like-it-itus." It goes right along with "poor-me-itus." Whining has become a new norm. Just look at Facebook. Listen to conversations around [...]

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March 2019

Take Out The (Head) Trash!


People tend to be their own worst enemies because of "head trash" they have.  This "head trash" keeps them from doing what they need to do in order to see the success they want and to reach their potential. Head trash comes in the form of lies we tell ourselves and excuses we make for [...]

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