September 2019

How Football Changed My Life


The end of summer to me is the beginning of a new season which involves a true passion of mine... FOOTBALL. Not only do I love the game, but it changed the course of my life. PLAYING FOOTBALL CHANGED MY LIFE Football taught me hard work, disicipline and the need for someone to guide me [...]

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A Little Leaven Leavens The Whole Lump


I'm sure some of my personal training clients at my Lakeville Fitness center and my online clients think I'm too tough and should lighten up. They could be right but I am not always as dialed in as I should be, despite the person I may portray. In fact, to be totally honest last month [...]

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Why I Felt Like I Was On Baywatch Last Week


I used to lifeguard during my summers in college (not like Baywatch...). Even though I no longer carry the red lifesaving tube, I now use my 25 years of experience and education to pull people out of the sea of challenges that life has when it comes to being healthy and fit. Case in point... [...]

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August 2019

My Top Three Strategies To Get Back On Track After A Vacation Or Lay Off


I just returned from an epic trip to Colorado this past week.  We did all the "Colorado" things like hiking, mountain biking, water sports and just relaxing in the mountain air.  I'm lucky because my brother, oldest friend and wife's best friend all live out there. Although I thoroughly enjoyed being there and taking some [...]

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The Body Achieves What the Mind Believes


Running to me is like football to Erik.  It's one of my happy places.  I love being out in God's country...alone with my thoughts on crisp, clear, blue sky, sunny days.  Fall running in Minnesota is an added bonus. Two years ago I ran the Twin Cities Marathon 5K in St. Paul.  It was my [...]

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We Can’t All Be Experts at Everything


You Hire a Financial Planner to Manage Your Money, Why Won’t You Consider Hiring an Expert to Manage Your Fitness Being the owner of a fitness center and personal training business, I often have people tell me their fitness plan as if to get my approval or to try and show me how savvy they [...]

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Do or Do Not. There is No Try


I grew up with Star Wars. I mean the REAL Star Wars - the old school originals.  I had all the action figures and the Death Star as well as the Millennium Falcon.  I was into it. One of my favorite characters was Yoda - the wise old old Jedi master. In one scene, Luke [...]

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July 2019

Life’s Challenges Are Like Mountain Biking


Sometimes I get my inspiration for these messages at the weirdest times. This week's idea came when I was riding the mountain bike trail at Lebanon Hills. As I made my way through a rock garden, it dawned on me how mountain biking was like life when it came to dealing with obstacles. How so? [...]

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Go and TAKE the Promised Land!


During my morning devotionals the other day I was inspired by the story from the Old Testament where God tells the Israelites to go spy out the promised land of Canaan. They go and spy and find a magnificent land filled with every resource they could ever dream of.  However, it is inhabited by giants [...]

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5 Strategies To Avoid Overeating


With the past holiday week many people overindulged on eating and treats and now are feeling both the mental and physical "fallout." So I feel this email was relevant to help people avoid repeating the same pattern over and over. We sent this awhile back and it has some great wisdom from Beth - our [...]

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