February 2020

Loosening and Tightening


We have this awesome cable cross machine in our gym and we get a lot of use out of it. However, as awesome as it is, the nuts on one arm come loose once in awhile. So we have to check it weekly to make sure and tighten them back up. LIFE WILL GET LOOSE [...]

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Do Things That Scare You – Lessons From Surf Camp


Pura Vida means live life to the fullest. LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST My question for you this week is...are you?  Are you living life to the fullest? I spent last week at a surf camp in Costa Rica.  Wow! What an experience! Truth be told, I almost didn't go - even though this has [...]

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Someone Is Always Watching


If Erik was writing this there's a good chance you'd be reading about football.  Afterall yesterday was an exciting Superbowl and MVP Patrick Mahomes II is among the many endorsers who love the same awesome Advocare products we do. But since he is surfing the waves in Costa Rica, I get to do the writing. [...]

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January 2020

Might As Well Jump!


Come into Puravida Fitness, my personal training gym in Lakeville, and you will likely hear a lot of 80s hair bands music. I grew up with that music and love to play it.  One band in particular I enjoy is Van Halen.  In 1984 they released a song called "JUMP."  You might remember it. It was [...]

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Line Up And Run Another Play


This is a sad time of year for me because football season is coming to an end. Football taught me many life lessons that are still applicable in my life today.One concept is to "line up and run another play."   In football, many times we have plays drawn up and we do our best to execute.  [...]

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Big Goals Are Like Mogul Hills


I live in Minnesota.  If you live in Minnesota you engage in winter sports. Skiing is one of the sports I enjoy. Buck Hill sits across the highway from my personal training gym in Lakeville, but nothing compares to skiing the Rockies in Colorado. I've been fortunate to ski out west in the mountains on [...]

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Increase Your Chances For Success in 2020 by 42%


Okay we are into the New Year. HAVE YOU WRITTEN OUT YOUR GOALS for 2020? Do you have goals for 2020?  Have you written them down? Writing down goals increases your chance by 42% according to a study on goal setting at Domincan University in California. Forbes reports a remarkable study about goal-setting carried out in [...]

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Without Vision People Perish


Proverbs 29:18 in the Bible says "Without vision, the people perish." Even though this was written in biblical times, it still holds true today. One of the biggest reasons people FAIL at fitness is because they don't take the time to write down their vision, purpose and goals. WITHOUT GOALS PEOPLE FAIL Many times people [...]

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December 2019

It’s About The Process


Friday was big day for my personal training gym in Lakeville. We officially became debt free! Early on in my career as a fitness gym owner, I racked up up about $65,000 in debt on credit lines with a combination of poor business decisions, lack of financial discipline, and failing to track my numbers accurately. [...]

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Find A Way


As you know I love football. One of the big reasons I love it is watching how good teams find a way to win despite setbacks, errors, and bad penalty calls. The other day I was watching the Big Ten championship between underdog Wisconsin and #2 ranked Ohio State. In the first half of the [...]

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