Pura Vida means live life to the fullest.


My question for you this week is…are you?  Are you living life to the fullest?

I spent last week at a surf camp in Costa Rica.  Wow! What an experience!

Truth be told, I almost didn’t go – even though this has been a dream of mine for 5 years.

My wonderful wife had found an inexpensive flight and encouraged me to book it.  I hemmed and hawed and spent a good bit of time on the “worry train.”

…Worrying about missing work
…Worrying about not being around to take care of my kids
…Worrying that maybe I don’t deserve to do this
…Worrying that I would spend too much money…

Eventually I got off that train and booked the trip.

You see, at times l have a tendency to get stuck in my routine, to stay “comfortable” and not ever really feel completely fulfilled.

Can you relate?

This is where I was at. Doing all good things… working out, running my business, taking care of family needs, etc.

However, somewhere along the way I lost a piece of myself.  I wasn’t feeling completely fulfilled.

I have always been an adventurer at heart. I’ve traveled into other countries with no plan other than to have 1-2 nights booked.  It was just me and my Lonely Planet book creating adventures and life experiences.

Lately, the adventurer in me hadn’t been present.  My business, having kids and the demands of everyday life had me comfortable…but not adventurous as I once had been.

An old friend of mine, Chris Giesking has always said “do things that scare you.”  I believe that.  Conquering the things that scare you leave you feeling alive.


So, I went to Costa Rica.  I choose to get out of the comfortable and embrace the uncomfortable.

And I’m so glad I did!

Even though I had body surfed before and am a good swimmer, surfing scared me a bit.  I knew it was dangerous and challenging so admittedly I had some butterflies before my first surf lesson.

When I got out into the ocean it was SCARY at times.

  • Waves crashing on top of me that felt like cars were running over me
  • Other surfers who almost hit me
  • Strong currents
  • Wipe outs (plenty of these)
  • Getting my chord wrapped around my neck after flipping over

Yeah, pretty scary… but taking on this new challenge helped me feel ALIVE again.  Challenging myself like that and getting way out of my comfort zone woke me back up.

I’m recharged and renewed and have found that adventurer piece in me again.

Are you “comfortable” but not really fulfilled? Is there something deep inside you that you have been longing to do but have put on hold – for whatever reason?


Have you lost a part of yourself that you want to get back?

Maybe it’s something physical like climbing a mountain, running a marathon, or hiking to Mach Picchu.

I can help. My team and I can customize a specific plan to get you ready for your big challenge.  Reply to this email or call me direct to set up an initial consultation

Pura Vida!

Erik Peacock

Puravida Fitness

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