Drastic Problems Need Drastic Action

//Drastic Problems Need Drastic Action

Drastic Problems Need Drastic Action

Let’s face it – the blizzard here in Minnesota caused a big problem.

It messed up the roads and people’s schedules pretty bad.

If you live here, how did you deal with it?

Did you throw your hands up and go into hibernation mode dropping everything?

A lot of people did.

They allowed the weather to dictate their actions and attitude.

Notice I said THEY ALLOWED.

There are always going to be “blizzards” in life.

Things like…

  • Financial setbacks
  • Health problems
  • Job loss or stress
  • Issue with your house

The big question is “how will you deal with it?”

Will you face it head on and take action or go into “hibernation mode” either complaining and doing nothing or avoiding it like the plague?

Problems never just go away.

There is no problem fairy that waves her magic wand and makes them disappear.

Sooner or later you will have to deal with it.

I believe in taking them on head on.


The other day when we got snow, it was blowing bad all over.  Our driveway was blocked and the garbage cans where buried.

The easy way (hibernation mode) would have been to ignore it and let the garbageman struggle with the cans and wait days for the snow to melt. However, the problem could have gotten worse. We could have gotten stuck in the driveway and more heavy wet snow could have piled up to the point and froze, making the driveway possibly impassable.

What did I want to do?  Go back to bed and cancel my whole fricking day.

What did I do? I got my butt out there and cleared the snow. Then I made it to the gym and still got a lot done in my day.

I’ll admit it sucked. My snowblower doesn’t go into gear anymore so it’s like pushing a prowler through the snow sometimes.  I got it done though and everything was clear.

Almost immediately after I cleared it all out, my contractor called and wanted to come over to finish our house project.

Apparently he was dealing with the weather head on too.

Had I not done my work, he would not have been able to come over and do his work.

This is a great analogy as to why many people stay stuck – especially in fitness.

There is always a “blizzard” as to why they aren’t following through and doing the daily action steps like they should.

  • “I don’t have time”
  • “Work is too busy”
  • “I have to run the kids to this or that”
  • “I don’t like to workout”

Unfortunately, it usually takes something drastic to create time and make health and fitness more of a priority.

  • A heart attack
  • A bad report at the doctor
  • An injury
  • One of the kids commenting on your weight
  • Seeing a picture of yourself and thinking “what the heck happened to me?”

Recently one of my old high school classmates reached out to me because he now weighs over 400 pounds. He has major heart problems. He is in a major health crisis and needs help NOW.

He might not live.

He has kids.

He has a fiance who loves him.

He might not be around much longer.


Take the action you need to take before the situation becomes dire.

Will it be easy?


Will some parts suck?


Will it be worth it?


If you need help putting together a solid action plan, reply to this email.  We can set up a Transformation Session where we will sit down and interview you to find out your goals, health issues, eating habits, and other important information.   From this we will dial in a specific plan for you to reclaim your health and your life.  Our personal training gym services Burnsville, Lakeville, Apple Valley and Farmington.  If you don’t live geographically close, we also have online personal training available. We would just set up a phone transformation session.  Reply to this email or call me direct at 952-220-2448 to set one these up.



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