Faith Not Fear

//Faith Not Fear

Faith Not Fear

One of the biggest things I see holding people back is fear.

Fear of failure.

Fear of the unknown.

Fear of change.

Fear of looking stupid.

It’s no wonder we have fear when we look at the media and all the “crisis” situations and negative news out there.

Have you heard the acronym for fear?





Things we fear many times never come true and if they do, it is never as bad as we made them out to be.

Last week I talked about being RHINO tough and pushing through.

Sometimes that is easier said than done.

Fear will try to set a trap and keep you where you are at.

Most people do not want to stay where they are at, but fear keeps them there.

So how do we break through fear?

The answer is another word that begins with F:  Faith.

I love the passage in Romans 8:3:  “If God is for us, who can be against us.”

We many times do not realize the ability we have to do great things.

I believe we all have the potential for greatness and were not made to “play small” in life.

Too often we run from our fears only to stay stuck in a place we are not content but settling because of fear.

I’ll tell you I have done some scary things but on the other side, there is nothing more exhilarating then facing down a fear and kicking it’s butt.

So maybe you are stuck somewhere in your life and afraid to change something for one of the reasons I mentioned at the top of this email.

Here are 4 questions to ask yourself.

  • What are the positive things about facing this fear or making a change?
  • What are the negative things with facing the fear or changing?
  • What are the positives about not facing the fear or not changing?
  • What are the negatives about not changing or facing the fear?

If these questions are answered honestly, they will give you great perspective on what you need to do next.

Will it be easy? No. But I promise if you take on your fears and move forward you will not regret it.

Romans 8:37 says “We are more than conquerors in Christ.”  This is who we really are!  One final thought is to find people who have your back and will be there to face that fear with you.

One more good verse to wrap this up.

Ecclesiates 4:12:  “A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer.  Three are even better, for a triple braided cord is not easily broken.”

So let’s get out there in 2018 and conquer vs. cower!

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Dedicating to helping you kick butt with your fears!

Erik Peacock
Puravida Fitness