As you know I love football. One of the big reasons I love it is watching how good teams find a way to win despite setbacks, errors, and bad penalty calls.

The other day I was watching the Big Ten championship between underdog Wisconsin and #2 ranked Ohio State. In the first half of the game, Wisconsin jumped out to a two touchdown lead and Ohio State appeared to do nothing right.  As the first half ended, it looked like Wisconsin was poised for an upset.


However, when the second half rolled around, Ohio State showed why they are ranked #2 in the nation. They came back and dominated the second half.  Despite being down by a lot, they found a way to win.

We see the “find a way mindset in people too. They have bad things happen in their lives but do not let that define them.  They overcome them to be successful.

If you think your life is tough, watch this video of this little boy with no arms and legs. There is no better example of a champion mindset than this. Watch it here.

The saying “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” DOESN’T SAY “when the going gets tough, quit or make excuses.”

Really there is no excuse.

The holidays gets used a lot as an excuse to slack off –  skipping workouts and overindulging in sweets. My least favorite excuse is “I’m too busy or I’m too stressed.”

Giving into this mentality is like accepting defeat and throwing in the white towel.

Don’t throw in the white towel this holiday season.  Find a way If the little boy in this video can, so can you.


Here are three ways you can WIN during the holidays.

1. Stay tight on nutrition and in calorie deficit on non holiday event days. Weight loss/gain is numbers game.  So track your food on non-celebration days so you can indulge a little more on day you have holiday parties and get togethers. Use the My Fitness Pal app to do this. It is easy to set up and simple to use.

2. Move your body everyday.  Once again, weight loss/gain is a numbers game.  Physical activity will add to the deficit. Shoot to get to the gym 3x/week.  If you can’t get to the gym on the other 4 days, aim to get in 8,000 steps (at least) using your Fit Bit, Apple watch or apps to track this. The point is – make a conscious effort to stay active despite the cold weather ans holiday activities.  If you can’t get outside, go walk in the mall or do active chores around your house.  Find a way to be active.

3.) Damage control for big meal days
Here are two strategies to make sure you don’t go off the proverbial deep end with eating.  First, eat protein before anything else during your big meals. This will slow down the absorption time of the meal, keeping you feeling more full and avoiding an all out binge.  Secondly, employ the “feast/fast strategy” the day after you have a lot of calories. Hit a 16 hour fast period. This will allow your body to clear the food from the digestive tract and reset your blood sugar so you will get back on track much quicker.

I hope you enjoy your holidays. Just don’t let them completely tank your health and fitness. If you can find a way to win with your health and fitness goals during the holidays you will have a much easier time the rest of the year.

Just like Ohio State, go out and finish the 4th quarter of 2019 strong!

Dedicated to your results!

Erik Peacock
Puravida Fitness


P.S. If you know what to do but are not following through, it’s time to come in for a success session. Reply to this email or call me direct to let us FIND A WAY FOR YOU TO WIN.