Mindset Monday-“Are You An A-Player?”

Everyone who has been in team sports or has kids in them, knows what A, B and C squad are.

The A squad has the best players, the B-squad sometimes aren’t bad, but a little short of being the best, and the C-players are the ones whose parents probably wanted them to go out for the exercise and experience but they really are pretty bad at the given sport and it’s about keeping them in something.

When it comes to life, where would you rank yourself?

Are you an A-player?

In sports, it’s about athletic ability but in life what does this look like?

Here is what an A-player looks like in my humble opinion.
• They always show up and show up with a good attitude
• They do what they say they will do
• They are willing to take risks
• When they commit to something they do it 100%
• They try to do their best at everything
• They realize there is more to life than just them and are willing to go above and beyond for the greater good
• They spend time and money on things that will help them improve in various areas of their life
• They have a purpose other than making money and serving themselves
• They are humble

I think all of us know someone like this.

I also know a lot of B-players. These are people who have the ability to go to the next level. They want to make the jump but some headtrash and fear keep them from going there. I see this all the time in the fitness field. These people start a program and even get some results and then self sabotage or get distracted.

I see B-players who could be awesome but over commit which dilutes their focus. B-players cling to their “sacred cows” rules that keep them stuck. I see this with exercise and eating all the time. These people cling to things like “I have to eat low carb 24-7” or “I can’t eat over 1200 calories or I will gain weight” yet they are not progressing. Crazy, isn’t it?

If it’s not working for you why keep doing it?

C-players are easy to spot. These people don’t give a crap about anything but themselves. It’s all about just getting by and meeting their own needs. I’m sorry but these people are hard for me to even talk to or be around.

I’ve been all three at different parts of my life. Lord knows I have been a C at low points in my life.

2017 is a new year so what will be different for you?

Will you take risks? Will you grow in not just some areas of your life but all areas of your life?

Or will you just settle? “This is as a good as it gets” is a dangerous phrase.
Here is a great quote on mediocrity a.k.a B-squad.

“Don’t let mediocre people talk you out of your dreams; lions have little in common with sheep.” -Matshona Dhliwayo

Get after it this year! Commit to being an A-player in everything you do, not just being in shape but being an awesome parent, spouse and friend. How about giving your all at your job instead of complaining about it? Be thankful you have a job.

I’ll wrap it up with this quote.

“Do more than is required. What is the distance between someone who achieves their goals consistently and those who spend their lives and careers merely following? The extra mile.” -Gary Ryan Blair

Two weeks ago I wrote about 10 things that require zero talent. One of them is giving 100%, or better yet – 110% (the extra mile) and being on the “A-squad” of life.

Now go out and be the A-player I know you can be.

P.S. If you need help being A-player with your fitness, just reply to this email or better yet give me a call at 952-220-2448 and ask for some help. Every good A-player needs a good coach. I have a coach for certain areas in my life and if this is one of those areas you struggle with, we would like to help you go from struggling to thriving. It takes a plan and most people don’t know how to put a solid plan together that keeps them motivated and seeing results. But we do. If you don’t believe me, check out our success stories page. #puravidafitness #mindsetmonday