I grew up watching the Rocky movies.  There’s something about watching the underdog prevail that always fires me up.

What’s inspiring about Rocky is his ability to take hits and get knocked down.  But he always got up and kept fighting.  He left it all out in the ring.


Sometimes, life can can knock you down…

A financial setback is like an uppercut to the jaw.

Getting injured or sick is like a hook to the head.

Failed relationships can seem like a body blow knocking the wind out of you.

Let’s face it, at times life can put you on the canvas.

The easy thing would be to stay down.  To blame others.  To play it safe. To just settle.


It is inspiring to see someone overcome adversity and accomplish something amazing.  I don’t know about you, but observing that fires me up big time.

I’ve seen amazing things in my personal training business.

  • A client go from being wheelchair bound to walking a 5K!
  • A client go from walking with a cane to pulling heavy deadlifts!
  • Folks going from being in the worst shape of their lives to competing in physique competitions!

I’ve helped and experienced people fight back.  People choosing not to let circumstances dictate their destinies but instead get up from the canvas, fight back, and win big time.

Just like Rocky.  Remember this clip?

Watch this great clip I love

Do you feel like you are on the canvas?

I get it – I also know that there is fight in you.  So let me help you GET UP!

People are counting on you!

You were made for a purpose!

Time to get up and start swinging!


One thing I love about fitness is it teaches you to get up and overcome challenges.

Challenges like injuries or medical conditions.

Challenges like weight that has piled on.

Challenges like competition that force you to step up and meet them head on.

Challenges like not having any energy to do anything

Yes, fitness can help you learn how to GET UP and keep fighting.

I remember one day a few years back I took a HUGE financial hit in my business.  The next day I had planned a tough workout.  When I woke up the morning after that horrible day, I wanted to go back to bed and feel sorry for myself.  Instead I got up and did the workout.

You know what?

Immediately after my workout I was done with my “pity party” and back in the fight.

Are you ready to learn how you too can use fitness to get up and keep swinging?


If you’re on the “canvas” and want to get up, reply to this email or call / text me direct at 952-220-2448.  Let’s have a conversation.

Dedicated to keeping you in the fight!

Erik Peacock

Puravida Fitness

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