Do you have a tendency to procrastinate?  I sure do.  Wait.  Let me rephrase that.  I don’t LIKE to procrastinate.  It just happens sometimes.  I’m not proud of it – I can’t help it.  I learned it from my mom.  She would agree.

When I go on a trip, packing happens at the 11th hour.  My list is ready but I take action when time is running out.  No wonder my back hurts when I finally walk out the door. 

The tax deadline got extended to July 15.  Perfect!  That gives me a few more months to avoid getting all that paperwork ready.  I would rather spend my time doing other more interesting things. 

I prefer to say I work well with deadlines.  That sounds better doesn’t it?   Having a deadline forces me to get things done.  Truth is, I am good at putting off the things I’m not super wild about doing.  Maybe you can relate.  

Why Do We Procrastinate?

Why is that?  

Good question. 

In her book The 5 Second Rule, Mel Robbins talks about 2 kinds of procrastination:  productive and destructive.

Productive procrastination is an important part of any creative process. It is giving the mind a break and allowing time to come up with other ideas to enhance the project or task. If there’s no deadline, it’s not procrastination… it’s just part of the process.  

Destructive procrastination, on the other hand, is when work or tasks deemed as “hard” are avoided, resulting in a negative consequence.  If I don’t get my taxes ready, there will be a penalty.

Robbins goes on to talk about procrastination as a coping mechanism for stress rather than laziness or poor time management.  The stress is likely not related to the work or task, but to a bigger idea like finances or relational problems. And while mini stress breaks are a great form of relief from the work that feels hard, the work being avoided can pile up over time which can add to more stress.

What Are You Procrastinating?

So what might YOU be procrastinating?  Working out?  Getting to the gym? Taking charge of your nutrition?  Getting help with a nagging injury once and for all? 

Don’t get down on yourself for putting things off.  Reach out to us instead. We can help!

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To getting things done,

Tracy F.
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