I Did It My Way

//I Did It My Way

I Did It My Way

There is a famous song out there by Frank Sinatra called “I Did It My Way.”

It is actually a very positive song about living a good life.

Unfortunately, this is the theme song for many people and the results are not very positive.

Being in the fitness field, I often see people who have done it “their way” with no results or even going backwards. Yet they still insist on doing things their way despite a dismal track record of success.

It’s like our nutrition coach, Beth Dean always says “How is that working for you?”  The answer 99.9% of the time is “It’s not working.”

Last week I did a Facebook video about the “4 Be’s of Fat Loss.” One of those “Be’s” was be coachable.

In order to have real success, you have to ditch your ego and pride and realize your way basically (for lack of a better term) sucks.

One of the most frustrating things as a coach is when you give people a plan and they either respond with:

A. Yeah but… which is justifying and making excuses for behaviors or lack of behaviors that got them where they are at in the first place.

B. They alter the plan so it conforms to them versus them conforming to the proven plan.

When you struggle at something and hire a coach it does not guarantee success. You have to be a good student.

Realize the teacher has invested a lot of time and money in acquiring wisdom and skills in the area you wish to succeed.  What you think or feel pales in comparison to that. The system they have is put together based on experience and knowledge.

There is a famous saying that states “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

This is so true.

Many years ago I reached a point with my personal training business where I realized I was going to go out of business if I did not get help soon. I invested money in a business coaching program for fitness business owners. Yes it was a big chunk of change, but it literally saved my business from going belly up.

I had to face the facts and realize although I was a good trainer, I sucked at owning a business. I needed to learn how to run a business which was a skill set I did not have. Still to this day, I have a great coach who keeps me accountable and makes me do things I don’t want to do.  I have to look in mirror to see where I need to go in order to keep growing and making progress.

Another example in my life is Mike Terry who runs our men’s group on Thursdays. He has been a personal trainer for my spiritual life for many years and has mentored me well.  I thought I was living out my faith back before I met him, but now realize how selfish and misguided I really was.  Once again, I have not arrived, but with his guidance and mentorship, I continue to grow and now am able to pay it forward by mentoring others.

Progress does not just happen by osmosis. It comes from realizing if you want to see progress in areas of your life that seem stagnant and are not where you want to be, then you need to find a good coach or mentor in that area and work with them.  And when they give you assignments, the most important thing you can say is “yes sir” or “yes ma’am.”

Be a student of FTDP (Follow The Damn Plan) and quit doing it your way so you see the results you want. Time is something you can never get back so quit wasting it.

If you have been doing it “your way” with health and fitness and are not seeing results, then give me a call at 952-220-2448 or reply to this email. We would love to bring you in and show you our way which produces “life changing results.”  You can go here to see some of our great testimonials. You could be the next one.

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Dedicated to your results!

Erik Peacock
Puravida Fitness