I Don’t Feel Like It

//I Don’t Feel Like It

I Don’t Feel Like It

Warning: I am going on a bit of a rant right now. Sometimes you just gotta say what needs to be said.

There is quite an epidemic sweeping our nation right now.

It’s called “I-don’t-feel-like-it-itus.” It goes right along with “poor-me-itus.”

Whining has become a new norm. Just look at Facebook. Listen to conversations around you or watch the news.  It seems many people feel they are entitled to something and should not have to work for it.

Things like

  • A high paying job
  • A fit and attractive body
  • Awesome relationships
  • A nice home

And the list goes on…

Complaining about politics, their job, their body, aches and pains as well as gossiping about someone happens everywhere we turn.

Taking responsibility for yourself and taking action to improve something you are not satisfied with is… well….WEIRD.

Honestly, one of my biggest pet peeves is whining and complaining and doing NOTHING about it.

It is like nails on a chalk board or a bad song on the radio.  I detest it.

Here we live in the country of opportunity or excess but many still think we have it so rough.

As our percentage of overweight and obese Americans continues to climb, we continue to whine.

“It’s so tough to get to the gym. I’m so _________________ ” (Fill in the blank – unmotivated, busy, tired, etc.)

“I don’t want to give up my ____________________ ” (Fill in the blank – nightly booze, Starbucks extra frappucino latte, candy, etc.)

Our society is moving less and less and eating more and more calories.

Many of the clients we have at our personal training gym in Lakeville don’t feel like working out a lot of days.  But they show up anyways and always feel better when they are done.

Giving in to “I don’t feel like it” is all about you and you being comfortable.

We have to quit having victim mentality that we are helpless to change not only our bodies but our lives too.

It takes work. There is no magic bullet.

It takes commitment. Not flakiness.

It takes consistency.  Not “all or nothing” or being sporadic.

As my dad said “do the hard things and you will get it done right”

As much as I hate to admit, he was right.

The wide easy road leads to being overweight, in debt, crappy relationships and an unfulfilling life.

The high hard road to living a productive, legacy building and fulfilling life takes work. But it is well worth it!

As most of you know I’m a Jesus Christ follower and one of my favorite passages is Matthew 20:28  “Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

I like to read this daily to remind me it’s not all about me.  It also helps motivate me to get out of the “selfish/poor me mode.”

We weren’t put on this earth for things to be easy, convenient, and comfortable.  We are all here for a reason bigger than ourselves.

News flash….it’s not all about ourselves.

And when you are in the “I don’t feel like it/life is tough” mode you are all about self.

Poor health, crappy finances and a negative mindset doesn’t just affect you.  They affect everyone around you.

Don’t tell me laying on the couch because you are too tired doesn’t affect your kids because you can’t play with them.

Don’t tell me your excessive credit card spending and putting your family in debt doesn’t affect your marriage and the well being of your family.

Don’t tell me your lack of communication doesn’t damage your relationships.

So get over the “I don’t fee like it or it’s so tough” mantra and get after this life.

Work hard and work hardest on yourself.

Rant over.

Peace out.

Erik Peacock