Do you remember the zombie apocalypse phenomenon a few years back?

I’ve always liked horror and action flicks and “Walking Dead” was one of my favorites.  (If I remember correctly, it was the favorite for a lot of us).

Here in the Twin Cities we even had a “Zombie Apocalypse Fun Run” where we all dressed like zombies and ran through the city at night. (Kind of creepy.)

I’m not sure, but…it seems as if the zombie apocalypse is really here.


Well maybe not a true zombie apocalypse but many of us are in a funk and seem to be wandering around like zombies.

This COVID pandemic has worn people down and it feels like the life is being zapped out of us – turning some of us into literal zombies.

Just staggering through day after day – existing, but not really living.

In fact, just the other day I talked to a good buddy of mine who is normally always fired up and motivated. Lately, he hasn’t been feeling it.  He said he feels like he’s been living in a fog for the past few months.

To be honest I’ve been there too.

How about you?

Does it feel you are stuck in an episode of Walking Dead?

No energy.

No drive.

No purpose.


I find one of the best ways to get out of a “zombie funk” is to get back into the gym, set a goal and CRUSH it!

Fitness is more than getting physically fit.

Following a program restores structure and discipline.

It gets you to focus on something positive.  To care.

When you work out, it releases dopamine which is a powerful brain chemical that cranks up drive and motivation.  It also resets your mind to get out of “zombie mode” back into “kick butt” mode.

What do you say?


Do you need a win? Something to fire you up and motivate you again?

Let’s do a complimentary success session where we will dig into all the obstacles and challenges that are holding you back.  We will take a good look at your health history, eating habits, and lifestyle.  From that we will put together a SOLID and EFFECTIVE plan that will get you refocused and on track to finish strong in 2020. Just reply to this email with a phone number where I can reach you.  Let me know the best days and times to call and we will get you scheduled in.

This year hasn’t started out the way we planned. But it’s not how you start – it’s how you finish. So let’s finish strong together.

Dedicated to helping you finish strong!

Erik Peacock
Puravida Fitness