The other night my spiritual personal trainer was over for dinner and said something that stuck with me.

When pursuing your faith it will be a “brawl” but so worth it.  This simply means anything worth having in life is not obtained without a fight.

Just look at our country. It was formed from a “brawl” with England.

It wasn’t easy and looked bleak at times but obviously our founding fathers thankfully persevered.

It just amazes we still how people say they want things like being in shape, financial freedom or a good marriage but once something comes up they roll over and give up.

What if a guy came to you and said he would give you 10 million dollars to run a business. What if he told you it would be tough, there would be conflict and it would basically be a brawl, but in the end you would get 10 million dollars tax free?

Would you do it?

The big things in life -the important things in life – do not come easy.

Shortcuts do not work.  Magic bullets don’t exist.

As my dad used to say “do it the hard way and it gets done right”

Good businesses, strong marriages, fit bodies, financial security and solid relationships are built in the face of adversity.

Often times going through and overcoming the adversity is where the real gold is.

Everything I have accomplished in my life has come with blood, sweat, and tears.

Fight for the things that mean the most to you. Don’t roll over and accept the circumstances if they are not what you want.

Yes it will be a brawl.  But it is so worth it.


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