This is a sad time of year for me because football season is coming to an end. 

Football taught me many life lessons that are still applicable in my life today.

One concept is to “line up and run another play.”   

In football, many times we have plays drawn up and we do our best to execute.  But something goes wrong. Someone misses a block, timing is off, or the ball gets fumbled.  Whatever the case, you can’t go back to the huddle and lament over went wrong. You have to line up and run another play. Many times the next play can make up for the previous play.

This concept really applies to fitness too.  You can have a great workout and nutrition plan drawn up but something goes wrong…

  • An injury.
  • A sick kid.
  • A family emergency.
  • A problem at work you need to deal with.


Much like a busted football play, our fitness plans can get off track.  Unfortunately, many people quit the game when this happens. They don’t realize goals are like targets. When you miss, you re-aim and take another shot until you hit it.

Fitness is 2 steps froward 1 step back. So accept this is part of the journey.

In football when your plays are not working, it’s up to the coach to make adjustments and call better plays (unless you’re the Vikings) instead of running the same ones and continuing to lose yardage.


Is your fitness game plan not working?

We can help.  Like a good football coach, we can make the needed adjustments to getting you on the winning drive to scoring a “touchdown” with your fitness.

It all starts by setting up a strategy session with one of our coaches.  This session is where we analyze everything you’ve been doing and compare it to where you want to go.  Then we come up with a better game plan based on our professional experience.  If that looks good to you, we move forward from there.

Set up your strategy session by replying to this email or calling/texting me at 952-220-2448.

Dedicated to your winning game plan!

Erik Peacock
Puravida Fitness