Have you ever had one of those moments you wish could rewind and do over?

You know… you get that sinking feeling just thinking about it?

I’ve had plenty of them… but this past week one came flashing back to my mind.


In 2008 my wife’s family rented out a resort in northern Minnesota along with all of her extended family.  This became a yearly tradition.

The week consisted of lots of fishing, boating, and hanging out.

My father in-law came up with an event called the “Lake-A-Thalon.”  This was a series of events revolving around activities at the resort.

He divided us into two teams.

My team gave me the kayak race since I was the in shape personal trainer.

I had never kayaked in my life!  But I paddled a canoe plenty of times.

“I’m in shape.”  I thought.  “I got this.”

Boy was I wrong!

As we started to race, I was neck in neck with her cousin until we had to make a sharp turn at the buoy.

I totally messed up the turn and couldn’t get the kayak turned around.

From there it went downhill fast. I had a temper tantrum from my frustration. 

Worse yet, they captured it all on video.

Everyone was laughing at me.


Frankly, I was super embarassed and felt humiliated. I had made a complete jackass out of myself in front of my wife’s ENTIRE family.

Fast forward 12 years to this past week.  We returned to the resort again and my father
in-law decided to reinstate the “Lake-A-Thalon.”

Guess which event had my name on it?

You got it….the fricking kayak race.

Everyone was reminding me of the “2008 meltdown.”  As luck would have it, the video came back to life too.

It was as if they were setting me up for another major failure.

But this time I was ready.

My kayaking experience had grown over the years and before the competition I went out to to brush up my skills.

I made sure to review my crucial mindset practices to avoid getting too nervous.  I knew I wouldn’t perform well if I let nerves take over.

We completed the race and I’m happy to report we won. I won my leg of the relay.

The monkey was off my back.  Redemption was mine. The jeers and jabs were silenced.


Have you had “kayak race” moments in your life?

Would you like a shot to make it right?

Look at failures as learning experiences.

They don’t define us unless we let them.

You can come back.

There is still time.

It’s not how you start but how you finish that counts.

Dedicated to helping people finish well in 2020,

Erik Peacock
Puravida Fitness


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