Something has been stirring in me this past year.  I’ve felt a calling to focus more on my passion and purpose.

12 years ago I started investing time and money in coaching and mentorship.  I was struggling with overwhelm, self-sabotage, overthinking, procrastination and perfectionism.  I still get stuck sometimes, but I’ve gotten much better at getting unstuck faster.


Because of my mentors, my life has improved dramatically.  This change has come about through intentional work and focus on renewing the mind, rebuilding lifestyle habits, increased awareness and prayer.

  • My marriage was on life support…now it’s SOLID.
  • My fitness was so-so…now I’m in my 40’s and in the BEST shape of my life.
  • I was always exhausted and working 14 hour days…now I’m working less with better results.
  • My social life was non-existent…now it’s been transformed to where I’ve reconnected with ALL my friends.

Here’s what I’ve discovered.  After working with, talking to, and studying other high-achieving men of faith, these are very common struggles that have held them back from their own greatness.

To achieve the level of influence and impact that we should have, we MUST get out of our own way.

We have a high calling on our lives as faithful CEO’s, entrepreneurs, pastors, heads of non-profits, executives, coaches, athletes, and other leaders of leaders.


We need to lead and be agents of change in our families, organizations, and communities.

Far too often our lives are built on work, work, work…leaving little or no time for IMPORTANT things like…

  • Quality time with our wife and our kids
  • Exercising and eating right
  • Staying connected with our friends
  • Time to pursue our true passions and purpose

God did not create us to just work our ass off and burn out.


He has a greater purpose for ALL of us.

This is why I created my FIT Ministries Program.

To equip men to get STRONG in MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT so they can be who God intended them to be.


Right now I’m looking for a few good men.

Men who are tired of settling.

Men who know they are made for greater things.

Men who want to “max out” their lives and create more balance, joy, flow and effectiveness in their lives.

We kickoff Tuesday, August 25th.

Do you feel you are a good fit?  If so REPLY to this email or CALL/TEXT me at 952-220-2448.  I will conduct a phone interview with you as well as lay out the “rules of engagement” for this program.  If we have a good fit, you will get one of the 6 available spots.

Who is with me?

Dedicated to helping others,

Erik Peacock
Puravida Fitness and FIT Ministries