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Here at Puravida Fitness we have helped hundreds of clients from Lakeville, Burnsville, Prior Lake, Apple Valley, Savage and Farmington for over 12 years. We have been voted best personal trainers and best gym in the Thisweek/Sun Current Reader’s Choice awards for 3 years in a row.

Personal training at Puravida Fitness is geared for people who are tired of being in the large overcrowded, intimidating, and distracting environment of the large box gyms. We offer a smaller, more intimate environment where clients can work with their trainer on their specific needs in a much more comfortable and relaxed environment without feeling like they are on display. All of our trainers hold nationally recognized certifications and are highly trained in the latest cutting edge personal training techniques.

With a variety of staff, we have trainers on staff whose schedules, specialties and personalities can match up with a variety of clients. Whether you are recovering from a serious injury or are brand new to exercise, we work with all levels of fitness. Our trainers focus on delivering results as well as pampering our clients. Really our job is to manage your fitness and nutrition plan so you can focus on the other things going on in your life, since you probably are juggling many other areas of your life.

This is our bread and butter plan which focuses on delivering max results in 90 days. We design a COMPLETE program that includes strength, cardiovascular training, mobility/flexibility, balance and core work. Along with that, we work extensively with our clients on their nutrition plan since this is really 70-80% of transforming the way they look. The combination of nutrition coaching, effective training sessions, and  a structured plan along with accountability generates real and noticeable results. Most clients come in 1-4 times per week based on their goals, budget, self motivation/accountability.

Ryan Moore is our certified strength and conditioning coach who also works in a paid position at a local high school. He specializes in working with athletes of all ages. Whether in season or out of season, he will come up with a detailed and progressive plan to prevent injuries and maximize performance.

Our trainers are all well trained to work with injuries and special needs. We use our “fitness voodoo” and other advanced techniques to help clients get back to an optimal state of function. We have worked extensively with the patients of several area chiropractors and physical therapists.


Our group training workouts are well planned out by our staff.  The workouts are phased out month by month and are progressive so each week group training participants see changes and progress in their bodies and performance.

These workouts integrate multiple components of fitness which include:

  • Flexibility/joint mobility to help participants move better and perform exercises more effectively
  • Strength and toning for the entire body.
  • Core training to tighten the mid section and prevent injuries
  • Metabolic conditioning to melt body fat

Another great aspect of group training is the support and encouragement of other class members. Many great friendships have been formed in these classes. Our trainers are excellent at modifying for injuries and different levels of fitness.




No boring treadmill workouts here. This 30 minute class is designed to crank up the metabolism and fat burning hormones using a combination of weights, kettle bells, bodyweight and movement drills to keep cardio training fun and challenging at the same time.



Advocare nutritional products is the company we use in conjunction with nutrition coaching to get our clients great results. We chose Advocare for a few key reasons.

  •     Their core value of putting faith and family first lines up with our core values
  •      An elite team of world renowned scientists that develop their products
  •      Several world class and top professional athletes that use and endorse their products
  •      Their products are tested banned substance free by Informed Choice,  a 3rd party company
  •      USP grade supplements that are made to the same standard as pharmaceuticals
  •      The products taste good and are effective at helping our clients stay on track with their nutritional programs

We use them ourselves and with our own families!

Precision NutritionPrecision Nutrition is a nutritional progression model rooted in science and real-world research. In some ways, it’s the direct opposite of a diet. And it’s why our clients have been so successful.

At Precision Nutrition, we use a nutritional progression model that helps you change your habits.  Progressive and effective plans can be designed to meet the client where they are at, whether they are a busy mom trying to lose some weight and feel better to an elite athlete looking to compete at the top level.  We believe in using ongoing accountability and check ins to help clients build a foundation of good nutrition habits and knowledge that will stay with them the rest of their lives.



Let us help you get started on your fitness journey!