If Erik was writing this there’s a good chance you’d be reading about football.  Afterall yesterday was an exciting Superbowl and MVP Patrick Mahomes II is among the many endorsers who love the same awesome Advocare products we do.

But since he is surfing the waves in Costa Rica, I get to do the writing. And I’m a basketball fan.

My favorite players to watch are my nephews. From their YMCA days all the way up through highschool, I rarely missed a game.  It was great watching the Timberwolves back when Kevin Garnett, Bobby Jackson and Wally Szczerbiak were on the roster.  Legendary players like Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson were also among those who caught my attention on the court.

And then there’s Kobe Bryant.  His strength, humor, game faces and athleticism were nothing short of fascinating.

The tragic loss of him and all the people on his plane last week has shaken the world.  Tributes and stories are all over the media.  One story in particular stands out to me.  A talk show host was talking to Kobe about a conversation he had about having daughters – not sons – so therefore no one to carry on his name in the game of basketball.  His daughter Gigi was part of the conversation and shut that down fast. No son needed. She was the one…

So many pictures feature Kobe and Gigi together…often watching basketball.  I can only imagine how many hours they spent watching and playing a game he loved so much.  That passion, discipline and dedication rubbed off on his daughter.  I’m not one bit surprised.


That got me thinking.  He’s not just a legendary basketball player. He’s a dad…and someone was watching him.

It just so happened that millions of people were watching him.

My nephew chose the number 24 on his jersey because that was the same number as Kobe Bryant. He admired him that much.

But you don’t have to be famous for someone to be watching.

Twenty years ago I ran the Twin Cities Marathon.  I was teaching Pre-K at the time and invited my classes and their families out to watch since they lived near the race course.  Many of them showed up.  Last year I had the honor of watching one of those kids – now age 25 – run the very same marathon.  Someone was watching me… 20 years ago!

Someone is always watching.


How about you?  Who do you suppose is watching you?  Are you a mom or a dad?  If so your kids are watching.  Are you a son, daughter, brother or sister?  If so, your siblings and parents are watching.  Are you a co-worker or a friend?  If so, your colleagues and friends are watching.  Are you a coach or a teacher?  If so, all eyes are one you.

What are they watching?

They’re watching your lifestyle…your habits…your mindset. They’re watching your passions…your problem solving… what you do and say along with the every day choices you make.

Someone is always watching.


What do you want them to see?

Take a look at your fitness. Is it an integral part of your daily life?  Do you make it a priority or do you come home from work, pour a glass wine and head for the couch and reality TV?  What habits do you want your kids to develop?

Someone is always watching…even when you think they aren’t.

How about your nutrition?  Is that a priority?  Do you take time to plan and prepare healthy meals and involve your kids in the process or are you so busy that you race through the drive thru on a regular basis?  What messages are you sending to the eyes that are watching?

Someone is always watching.


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Make your days count…someone is watching.

Tracy F
Puravida Fitness