Take Out The (Head) Trash!

//Take Out The (Head) Trash!

Take Out The (Head) Trash!

People tend to be their own worst enemies because of “head trash” they have.  This “head trash” keeps them from doing what they need to do in order to see the success they want and to reach their potential.

Head trash comes in the form of lies we tell ourselves and excuses we make for not having the success that we want.

So for this kickstart email I’m going to focus on 3 types of head trash that need to be taken out.

#1 – Comparing yourself to others. I used to be an ace at this. I had some serious jealousy of other people and their success. What I have come to realize is that we are all on our own journey. Whether it be to fitness or financial success.  When it comes fitness, the client who carries more weight in her belly and none in her legs will wish she had the flatter stomach of another client. But the other client will wish she had the legs of the first client. It’s insane isn’t it?  But we do it all the time. Quit comparing yourself to others in any area of life. Focus on your own path. As for your body, God gave us all different genetics and we have to learn to do the best with what we have.  It is a waste of time and energy trying to be someone or something we are not.

#2 – I can do it on my own.  This another classic. I’ve tried this one too in a few areas of life and realized I really suck at some things.  So in order to get better I had better find a coach and mentor to teach me and hold me accountable. I see this a lot in the fitness world.  People waste a lot of time and money trying this diet and that exercise program but really don’t know what is going to work for them.  The reality is, if you aren’t doing well at something there isn’t going to be some stupendous miracle that will suddenly turn things around. We all need accountability in the areas of our life that we want to grow in. I know for years I ran my business on my own with very limited success. I knew how to be a good personal trainer but not how to be a great business owner. Finally, I started working with a business coach and now I realize how very clueless I was.  It is night and day. Not only did I have to change how I did things, but I had to change my mindset as well.  The skills and wisdom I have acquired from people much smarter than me are priceless. I just invested a hefty chunk of dinero with another guy who took his personal training studio to the level I want.  I’ll admit I had some fear initially working with him only because the price was higher than expected, but after only two weeks I have fixed a major part of my business.  The peace it has given me…you can’t put a price on it.  You can’t get something for nothing. So in any area of life that you want to make big improvements, you need a mentor/coach and you will need to put some skin in the game. If you aren’t willing to do this then you need to be happy where you are at because the chances are slim to none you will have success without help.

#3 – Throwing in the towel when the first obstacle comes up.  There are days when I feel like quitting on my goals. That would be the easy way out. Yeah,  I could quit and use any number of excuses but my reasons for those goals always overrule the quitting.

Here lies the importance of having a strong WHY.  I can guarantee you will have setbacks and challenges going for any big goal. If your WHY (or purpose) is weak then you will give up easily. So to overcome any of these, it is mandatory you have a strong WHY.  Any journey to a goal or achievement is really 2 steps forward and 1 step back. That’s the reality. Some weeks you will be crushing your goals then comes that bad day at work, illness, or an injury. Stuff happens so accept it as part of the journey.

How serious are you really about a goal if you quit after the first challenge appears?

Here is a good analogy:

If you were driving down the road and got a flat tire would you get out of the car and leave it on the side of the road?  No, you would fix it and move on.

So why do we let the curve balls in life knock us off our paths to success?

Unfortunately I see people consistently let life derail them and allow (that’s right ALLOW) circumstances to dictate their outcomes in life. When you do this you will NEVER be successful UNTIL you change your mindset.

You circumstances right now do not determine your final outcome.  This is where vision comes in. We forget our vision – our strong purpose.

I’ll share my purpose with you. My driving purpose to grow my business is to get my wife to go to part time with her job.  I watch her toil day in and day out and the stress is killing her.  When she has time off she is healthier, happier and it affects our whole entire house, not just her.

I want this for my wife and for our family. So when I don’t feel like making a follow up call or working on a project, I remember my purpose and it drives me into action.

The take home point here is that your mindset has to be right if you are going to accomplish any goal. You have to be “all in” and have a “whatever it takes / failure is not an option” mindset.  Stay focused, surround yourself with the right people and review your goals and purpose (WHY you are dong this) daily to stay on point and not let head trash crowd out the important things in life.

Have a great day!

Erik Peacock
Puravida Fitness

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