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“An auto accident caused neck pains and headaches. Erik was always conscious of what my body would allow and would modify until we found something that would work. I can feel the change physically and emotionally!!”

– Cheri S.

What really sold me was Erik’s ability to recognize and offer help with some of the mobility issues I had for years. I have lost 20 pounds, 8% body fat and 21 inches all over.  The best part is that I feel great! I feel fierce!

– Betsy L.

I am wearing clothes I never thought I’d wear, losing inches, pounds and body fat like I never thought I could and am getting stronger and faster as I get older.  As a result, I cut 20 minutes off my half-marathon times.  The support, encouragement, expertise and accountability I’ve experienced at Puravida has empowered me to be the best me.

– Tracy F.

I needed somebody to hold me accountable.  I like that the classes are not too big which allows trainers to focus on each of us, correcting our form if needed.  I like the friendly atmosphere and the results I’ve obtained through close monitoring by my trainers.

– Sum

I needed a trainer I could trust with my back.   I knew it was Erik.  I am so happy with my results.  I’m stronger and much leaner, eating healthy and not feeling deprived.  At 48, this is the best I have ever looked!

– Michelle E.

I didn’t expect the emotional changes I’ve experienced with Puravida. I have more energy, a focus on a healthy lifestyle, and an appreciation for surrounding myself with optimistic, like minded people. I love the variety of fitness options Puravida offers. I appreciate working with the trainers on a 1:1 basis.  That provides me the opportunity to check in and make sure I’m doing things correctly and/or change up my routines as necessary.

– Tracy P.

I lost 25 pounds by attending one of Erik’s workshops, doing some training and getting educated on nutrition.  Four years later I am still fit and healthy!

– Belinda

Puravida gave me a place to start with exercising and eating and taught me how to do it right.  Every month I saw significant improvements.  It is well worth the investment in yourself.

– Elisha

Never in a million years did I think I would be the one to participate in a bikini competition. Not only did I grow physical strength during this process, but I grew mental strength as well.  Thanks to the support from Erik, I found strength and motivation with each of our training sessions, which allowed me to push through.  His expertise, patience, and ability to hold others accountable is admirable.  This has been the most rewarding goal I have ever set.

– Brandy L.

“My endurance has increased, symptoms of my asthma have gone down, and I feel stronger mentally and physically. Once I addressed my diet and eliminated certain foods, I was able to lose 16lbs.”

– Susan V.

The three-fold combination of nutrition, strength/weight training, and having skin in the game, has helped me get to the healthy and confident person I had tried to become for all these years!  It has been worth every penny, every drop of sweat and every sore muscle!

– Brad D.

Puravida helped me become an athlete again!  I was able to stay 4 extra days on my week long Colorado ski trip and could breathe at the top of a 13,000 foot mountain!  I also was able to hike 19 miles in a 6000 foot altitude near the Grand Canyon!   All this thanks to my newfound healthy diet, supplements and custom workouts I experienced at Puravida.

– Steve W.

I like the personal accountability from my trainer and am impressed with how well they know their clients.  The trainers are always prepared with a workout plan that provides personal service.  They are skilled at knowing exactly what you should be doing to make progress without taking steps backwards.  Since I started working with Puravida, I’ve lost 20 pounds, gained strength, lost 5” off my gut and 3” off my waistline.  For me, skipping a workout is not an option!

– Scott M.

I wanted to take my fitness to the next level. I needed workouts tailored to my goals and the individual genuine personal involvement that Puravida has to offer.

– Paul D.


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