Back in college I played offensive line and all the lineman had shirts made that said “thin is in but fat is where it is at.”  


We wore these because as o-lineman we took pride in bulking up to be as big as possible in order to push opposing players around more effectively.

I came into college weighing a measly 225 pounds. This was small for a college lineman.

I knew if I was going to ever see the field at the Division 2 level, then I would need to be at least 260 pounds.

My work ethic was there and I spent countless hours in the weight room as well as stuffing my face in the attempt to pack on needed pounds for my position.

I made some progress initially but then it came to a screeching halt at around 245 pounds.

It seemed like I couldn’t get any stronger or bigger no matter what I did.


I was frustrated and fresh out of ideas.

Then my sophomore year I had a major breakthrough.

I found a whole new training and nutrition system that blew my mind.It was completely different than anything I had ever done.

Looking at it I thought “this will never work.”

I was desperate and decided to give it the old college try (no pun intended).

Amazingly it was exactly what I needed!  I got up to 265 and my teammates were accusing me of using steroids.

Had I kept doing things my way, the only way I would have seen the field is running water out to my teammates during a timeout.

That whole experience taught me the importance of thinking out of the box and having the RIGHT plan!


What big fitness goal are you chasing?  Lose the dad bod?  Get rid of back pain for good? Deadlift 300 pounds?Do you even have a plan or do you just “wing it” when comes to working out – hoping this time will be different?

If you have a plan, is it producing results or is it time to go back to the drawing board?

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Many times you are working hard but not working smart. We teach you how to work smart.