Our staff is reading The Energy Clock by Molly Fletcher.  Not only does it really get you to examine how are you spending your time but also where you are directing your energy.

Many of us cram as much as we can into a day only to feel exhausted and unfulfilled when we crash into bed at night.  Then we repeat the cycle day after day and we wonder why depression is so high in our society.

Why are you doing all things?

What is your endgame?


Does it GIVE you energy or does it ZAP your energy?

In her book, Fletcher describes schedule items by color code.

GREEN are things that give you energy. These are things like spending time with family, volunteering and exercise.

ORANGE are neutral things that do not add or take energy from you. Examples of this might be meeting with your staff at work, running errands, and checking emails.

RED are the energy suckers. This might be a negative co-worker, managing kids sports schedules, or going through endless emails.

A good exercise to do is an ENERGY AUDIT.  This is where you put everything you do into your calendar and color code how you really feel about it.

When you look at your calendar and see a lot of red and minimal green, it is very telling.

Are you putting your energy into the things that matter most or is each day overloaded with mundane, unfulfilling tasks?

What can you do to change that?

Life gets so busy that we lose sight of our vision and purpose.

In the Bible, Proverbs 29:18 says: “Without vision the people perish.”

I truly believe a lot of people are “perishing” because they just go out and drain themselves without any real purpose.

Does this sound like you?


A good first step is to get the book The Energy Clock by Molly Fletcher. It is an easy short read but it gets you refocused and helps you take back control of your schedule.

The next step is to get your exercise dialed in. Exercise gives you more energy which is a scientific fact since when you exercise you produce more mitochondria (energy factories) in your cells. Thus you have more energy in reserve for everything else your day demands whether it’s green, orange or red activities.

I am here to help. If you are struggling with this department then all it takes is a simple reply to this email or a direct call/text to me at 952-220-2448.

Let’s make America  “green” again!

Dedicated to your results!

Erik Peacock
Puravida Fitness

P.S.  Last week we did an event for ladies who feel stuck.  In March we are doing an event for the guys right here in Lakeville.  Check it out by going here.