What’s Your Game Plan?

//What’s Your Game Plan?

What’s Your Game Plan?

This weekend is Super Bowl weekend.  The big event we have all been hearing about is happening right here in Minneapolis!  Maybe I am noticing it more this year because of our city hosting the event, but I am amazed at the amount of marketing and advertising spent to get our attention and the almighty dollar.  Of course one of the big areas of focus is on food for the game and parties.

We all know that both teams playing this Sunday are coming with an extensive game plan with the ultimate prize of winning.  They have studied, practiced, and prepared extensively for a positive outcome.   While you don’t need to plan nearly this extensively, I want to ask you if you have thought of your own game plan for this weekend?

I think too often weekends like this become a time to let loose and go off the rails and then we regret it.  What if you decided this weekend to do a little planning and preparing before the weekend or the big game so you too can enjoy a positive outcome?

My first thought around planning wisely for this weekend is to not turn the Super Bowl game into the entire weekend.  Enjoying a few treats Sunday night is one thing, but letting loose the entire weekend is another and it layers on more guilt to deal with next week.  So plan to make some wise and healthier choices Friday and Saturday, so on Sunday you can enjoy a few treats.

On Sunday eat normally during the day.  In other words don’t skip breakfast to save those calories for later in the day.   When we go to a party hungry we tend to reach for high calorie rich foods that make us feel good versus satisfy us.  Plus mentally we are giving ourselves permission to eat whatever we want and as much as we want.  I don’t know about you, but have you ever gotten on the scale the next day after eating like this and gained 5 pounds!  I have and even though is doesn’t stay it does not feels good the day after J

The more you can plan and prepare, the greater your success this weekend.  I think a trap we can fall into is going into the supermarket with no game plan.  Stores are setting out party foods and marketing ideas to sell.  Food companies want your business so they are doing their best to advertise and promote their products.  And you the consumer can easily become part of their game plan instead of your own.  Here are a few ideas and thoughts I have that can put you on the offense this weekend!

1.      Pizza.  If possible, order pizza with Canadian bacon it is leaner than sausage and pepperoni.  Or maybe choose a veggie pizza or load as many veggies as you can onto a pizza.  Aim for a couple of pieces and then snack on relishes.  Or grab a piece of fruit to eat before or after it will fill you up and satisfy the desire to have something sweet.

2.      Chips and dip — This can be a downfall for a lot of us!  Take a plate and put some chips and dip on the plate – and make that your portion.  It is really difficult to stop when there is a bowl in front of the TV and you can mindlessly munch away!  Choose dips like salsa if possible.  And again, see if there are some carrot or celery sticks you could dip in hummus or salsa.

3.      Chili – I think chili can be a great game day food.  It can have a lot of nutrients in it and be quite filling.  Be careful loading it up with cheese and sour cream and extra chips.  A nice side to chili I think are some pepper slices and carrot sticks.  Plus red grapes taste good for something sweet.

4.      Wings and meatballs – Here again put a few on your plate and make that your portion.  If you are making them, try baking some chicken breast strips (you can buy or cut chicken breasts into strips) season and skewer them with peppers and onion or just plain.

5.      Alcohol – We all know the beer will be flowing this weekend as well as other drinks.  Be wise and make a decision to limit your amount before you even start and then follow your game plan.  A good option is to start by drinking a glass of water or drinking water in between alcoholic drinks – a person can only drink so much!

6.      Some alternative options to serve – fruit kabobs, cherry tomatoes with fresh basil and small mozzarella balls, stuffed peppers, or even turkey lettuce wraps.

If you have some ideas share them on our Facebook page.  Planning and preparing for our success is just as much a team event as the game of football!  You don’t need to think you are alone when it comes to trying to eat wisely and healthy this weekend.  We are all in it together!

Game On Team!
Beth Dean  CPT, CES , pn1