Why Did I Do The Program From Hell?

//Why Did I Do The Program From Hell?

Why Did I Do The Program From Hell?

So last week I finished my annual run of the M140X which is probably the toughest program I have ever done both physically and mentally. It is 40 brutal workouts loaded with tons of volume, controlled tempos, short rest periods and crazy set extension techniques. These things all combine to make up the perfect stew of “hell.”

I always start out strong but towards the end I feel the physical and mental wear on me.

I’ll be the first to admit that there are days that I dread the workouts and that familiar voice starts talking to me.

It says things like:

“Just quit this thing – it is too hard on your body.”

“Take it easy on this program – you might get hurt.”

“Skip your workout today – you deserve a rest.”

However, despite the voices in my head trying to get me to take the easy way out, I finished it for the 5th time.

Why the heck do I do this?

Am I a little crazy in the head?  Yes, that is probably part of it.  But the main reason I do this is to step up and kill any complacency that might have set in.

You see, when I do this program I have to be very strategic and planful about recovery, modifcations to prevent injuries and my nutrition so I don’t overtrain.

This “forced order” in my workouts spills over into other areas of my life as well.  Stepping up in one area causes me to step up in others.

Despite it being a daunting challenge, I like what it does for me – not just in fitness but overall.

It reminds me to honor my commitments and finish the things I start – no matter how hard they are.

Here in America we have gotten soft.

We quit things when they stop being easy or when we have a setback.

We have become a nation of quitters.

Many people quit their marriages because (let’s face it) marriage is tough.  Too often I hear people bitch about their spouse and I wonder if they are putting anything into the marriage or just expecting their spouse to do everything.

People quit in fitness all the time. Why?  Because frankly it is tough and we don’t like tough. We want things easy.  Afterall, that guy on the infomercial tells me I can have washboard abs in 7 minutes a day.

We quit going to church and honoring our faith because sleeping in and laying around on Sundays sounds more appealing than getting up and going to church.

We let our kids quit sports mid season because the “coach is not fair” or “my kid is getting screwed.”

Quitting has become an epidemic.

I love the phrase “quitters never win and winners never quit.”

Quitting has become and epidemic.

I’m sure this message will rufflle some feathers but I don’t care.

The truth hurts then heals and lies comfort and kill.

Sometimes you leave a situation that is toxic but more often than not we quit because things are not going our way. Just like a kid who leaves the sandbox because they don’t like the way the other kids are playing or they aren’t playing what he wants.

Doing something tough and seeing it through teaches you to be a winner not a quitter.

When is the last time you have done something really challenging?

Yeah I know work is challenging and so is raising kids, but I am talking about something like a race or an event that does the following things:

  • Forces you to focus
  • Has a deadline
  • Pushes you to the edge mentally
  • Makes you say “why am I doing this?”

These are the things that develop character and a winning mindset.

I’m not saying run a marathon every month, but if you haven’t pushed yourself in awhile and have gotten complacent doing the same old same old or you find that you have been a quitter, than it is time to change that.

The past is the past. Look to the future.  Who you are or where you are has no bearing on where you are going, so change your course.

For once I am going to tell you to quit.

  • Quit quitting
  • Quit settling for being ordinary or “good enough”
  • Quit limiting yourself

Go out and find something that scares you a bit and makes you feel a little anxious. Set the goal, make it public and go get it. Do not quit no matter what.  When the smoke clears you will feel like a new person and this habit of seeing it through will have a snowball effect in your life.

P.S. If you need a challenge, try our 12 week Transformation Challenge. If you are not a current client, this is the best way to give yourself a challenge to complete. You can get more info on this by replying to this email or calling me direct at 952-220-2448.

If you are a current client, be ready for your trainer to be reviewing your goals with you and challenging you to be a champion.

Dedicated to helping you see things through,

Erik Peacock