Proverbs 29:18 in the Bible says “Without vision, the people perish.”

Even though this was written in biblical times, it still holds true today.

One of the biggest reasons people FAIL at fitness is because they don’t take the time to write down their vision, purpose and goals.


Many times people just want to start training without a clearly defined goal in mind.

That’s like going on a major road trip without having any destinations. You just head out and drive wherever.

Would you ever do that?

So why do you do it with your fitness goals?

I can tell you without a doubt the clients that I work with who actually take the time and write out their goals, purpose (why), and specific action steps almost ALWAYS nail those goals.

Here are a few recent examples of clients who did this VITAL step and killed it!

  • Dean hit his 10 pound weight loss goal 3 weeks early and was able to shift to a new focus
  • Jim hit both his body fat goal of 14% or less and his flexibility screen goal of a 16 or better before the end of the year and now has set new goals.
  • Kristi hit her body fat goal of 14% or less 2 weeks before her 12 week deadline.
  • Scott hit his goal of a 200 pound bench press 6 weeks after setting it.
My point is all these people got SPECIFIC and had a VISION of what they wanted to accomplish and had a tangible way to track it.

Just saying “I want to get in shape” is too vague.  The examples above are SPECIFIC and MEASURABLE.

So here we are wrapping up another year. Many people look back and regret the fact they didn’t accomplish what they wanted to at the beginning of the year.

Does this sound like you?

Here’s one way to up your chances for success in 2020.  Download this ROADMAP FOR SUCCESS form. We use this to help our clients get clear on what they want to accomplish.  Fill this out and put it where you can see it every day. If you don’t, you will lose your vision to the busyness of life and your goals will “perish.”


Did you come up short on your 2019 fitness goals?

Did you have any goals or a clear vision?

Were they written out and detailed?

Were they shared with your trainer for accountability?

What will change in 2020?


If 2019 was not what you wanted it to be, my advice is this…. QUIT TRYING TO DO IT ON YOUR OWN!  Fill out the ROADMAP TO SUCCESS and set up a complimentary consultation.  We will review it as well as help you dial in a SOLID plan for success in 2020.

Just reply to this email or text/call me at 952-220-2448 to set this up.  That way you will have a CLEAR VISION and not “perish” into the same old same old in 2020.

2020 can be your year so go out and seize it!

Dedicated to your success,

Erik Peacock