Have you ever done something impulsive only to have it blow up in your face?

You know…doing something based on emotion versus critical thinking?

That was me this past week.


Two weeks ago I came down with a fever.  I got tested for COVID and quarantined myself until I got word of negative results.  I was feeling better and was symptom free so I headed straight for the gym.  I was eager to get in a good hard workout since I hadn’t really worked out for over a week.  Before that, I had to dial my workouts down because of back issues.  So I hadn’t had a true “hard core” workout for what felt like ages.

I got after my legs right away. It felt good to push through my workout. I thought I was all good until the next day. I was overly sore and worst of all…my fever came back. I had worked out hard but compromised my immune system which was still fighting off whatever I had.  I knew this but I acted on impulse rather than rational thought.

Truth be told – I sometimes put more pressure on myself than I need to.  I feel like I need to push harder since I’m a trainer and people look to me as a role model for health and fitness.

But this time I failed to take my own health into consideration.

I pushed too hard too soon.

It created a relapse in my illness which forced me to quarantine and get retested again.

This didn’t just affect me.  It impacted my family as well. My wife had to pick up my slack when I was down for the count and my kids couldn’t see their friends until we got the negative results again and could sound the “all clear.”

I’ll chalk this up as another learning experience as I eat my humble pie.


However, some of the best knowledge we can provide as trainers is to use our own mistakes to help others avoid them. In my mind, this trumps a fancy certification or more letters behind your name.  Practical “hands on knowledge” is the best. Obviously this wisdom can come at a cost as it did for me.

Gyms are open again and many of you are flocking back ready to go “hard core” out of the gate.  It’s been months since you’ve lifted anything over your 15 pound dumb bells.  You are eager to get back in shape. This can happen… if you do it the right way


With our 12 Week Transformation program, we can get you started, help you get back on track and make progress as if the lockdowns never happened.  Just reply to this email to set up a complimentary SUCCESS SESSION with one of our coaches to come up with with the BEST plan to get you back on track quickly.

Dedicated to helping you come back strong the right way,

Erik Peacock
Puravida Fitness

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